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Fresh Water Thinking

We are a different kind of water and waste supplier. And we don’t say that just because our marketing department told us to. For starters, we aren’t a sales-obsessed organisation driven only by numbers. In fact, our vision is quite simple: we want to be the most recommended business water suppliers and waste retailer in England and Wales. And that means being a company that has customers at heart. We keep true to this promise through living our principles:

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We are not too big to care

And we don’t care how big you are (in a nice way). Whether you are a sole trader, growing business or multinational, we treat every customer as we would like to be treated ourselves. Yes, we count some of the UK’s biggest, most iconic names amongst our business customers – including airports, shipping ports and world-famous venues. But, we also have thousands of smaller businesses that trust us to ensure we have their water and waste needs sorted.

We are committed to saving you money

We offer competitive tariffs and will help you to use less water to save even more. As you’d expect, water is what we are passionate about – and when it comes to our business customers, our focus is firmly on finding as many ways to help you save as much water, energy and money as possible. From reducing wastage to metering, water saving devices to engaging your people.

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We think that water should never be taken for granted

Water is really important – without it there wouldn’t be life. That’s why a consistent, quality and affordable supply of water is essential, especially as the industry is about to get very interesting. The market for water and waste services to businesses has just opened up so you can choose the best provider for your needs. At Affinity for Business, we see this as a huge opportunity to work with more customers who share our passion for water, cost effectiveness and quality.

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